Mobile E-Filing Application (Thomson Reuters)

In 2013 Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting developed the first mobile app to tap into functionality of their desktop corporate tax compliance suite, ONESOURCE Income Tax. The video above shows the final pre-release prototype. The development of personas (imaginary but typical users) helped in the evolution of the final demo script.

Other UX artifacts for the project include a sitemap/flowchart showing each screen or page of the application:

The screenshot below is from the desktop software. Creating a mobile interface to access all the detail shown would not be easy.

Wireframes & mock-ups were developed to quickly simulate interactive interfaces for testing the process flow. High-quality graphics are not shown at this point so the process can proceed in “quick & dirty” form.

Screenshots from Balsamiq Mockups were used to develop demos with Invision:

Once the details and workflow are finalized, a high-quality prototype is built (HTML/CSS). It is a functioning interface but does not yet interact with the database.